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Pride Unleashed (A Wolf's Pride, #2)

Pride Unleashed (A Wolf's Pride, #2) - Cat Kalen Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Author for Honest ReviewReviewer: JenniferAfter reading my review of her book Pride’s Run, Cat Kalen decided to send me it’s sequel in hopes that I would enjoy it as much as I had the original. And she was successful!! Cat Kalen, once again, stole my heart with her newest book in A Wolf’s Pride Series, Pride Unleashed. I was hooked from the time I opened the book till the time I turned the last page. My favorite thing about Cat’s writing style is her ability to project the characters emotions into the reader. Most authors attempt this, but instead only manage to confuse readers. Thankfully, I have never had this problem when reading Cat’s books. In fact, her words are powerful. This installment begins two weeks after the original ended. After living in Canada for a short time, Pride has returned to her master’s estate to free the rest of her pack with the help of Logan and his family. In order for her plan to succeed, she has to convince her former master that she is still loyal to him. Among trying to trick her master, she must also try to keep clam while Logan is being held as a prisoner. Even more problems arise when she quickly finds out that things are very different from the way she left them. New pack members have been enslaved and the old members resent Pride for leaving. And as if things couldn’t get more stressful, Pride has to deal with the constant animosity between her mate and Stone which only grows worse when the truth behind Pride and Stone’s mental bond is revealed. The drama between Pride, Stone, and Logan was my favorite part of the entire story. In my opinion, a love triangle always makes for a good story. Add werewolves, and it’s bound to be a tremendous emotional ride. Cat is becoming one of my favorite authors. Her attention to detail is addicting and enthralling. And as I said in my last review “as long as she keeps writing, I’ll keep reading”.