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Magic: The Gathering #1 (DackFayden, #1)

Magic: The Gathering #1 (DackFayden, #1) - Matt Forbeck,  Martin Coccolo Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: NetGalley Reviewer:MeFor those of you are unfamiliar with Magic: The Gathering, it is one of the most recognizable, and widely played trading card games to date. It has expanded into a vast universe of books, comics, and yes, there was even an Xbox Live Arcade Game developed a while back in 2009. Each game consists of players, or wizards, battling each other as Planeswalkers who use magical spells, items and creatures to defeat their respective opponents. Brief history lesson aside, in Magic: The Gathering Volume 1 we are introduced to Dack Fayden, a Planeswalker, and a thief on the run. The story is very fast paced, mainly because when we are introduced to Dack in the city of Ravnica, he’s on the run from a group known as the Thrill, Killers of the Cult of Rakdos. Obviously he’s stolen from them and to evade capture he jumps the plane. For a few quick frames, he ends up in Fiora. Sill a fugitive there also, his visit is short and then he’s back to Ravnica. He stops for a visit with an old friend who heals his wounds before heading to his original destination, his safe house. Once at the safe house, Dack begins to examine the artifact he’s stolen. This is where we find out what type of thief he is, and we get glimpse into his other magical abilities. Upon his examination of the artifacts hidden secrets, Dack is shown a vision from the previous owners’ point of view. What he sees in this vision is devastating, and sets him on a path of vengeance. Overall, this was a really great introduction into the Magic: The Gathering universe. It’s beautifully illustrated; we get a lot of insight into our main character, his motivation, and goals. I really enjoyed stepping into this world and I am really looking forward to coming back.