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Cataclysm (The Watchers Trilogy, #3)

Cataclysm (The Watchers Trilogy, #3) - Karice Bolton Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Author for Honest ReviewReviewer: HeatherCataclysm is the final block in this trilogy, and it didn’t fail one iota. BUT if you have not read Awakening or Legions, the first two books, please read them now. There are massive spoilers below if you chose not too. The final leg picks up right where Legions left off. Arie is gone, and Cyril is on his way back to Athen and Ana to begin the awakening process. The hoards of dark demons are also increasing in their numbers, and this leaves much to be answered for. The dark demons are now actively recruiting innocent humans to join their ranks under false pretense and hopes of immortality. Ana is torn between the secret Arie has forced her to keep in order to save Cyril from turning to the dark side, or coming clean to end his pain. The truth is, Arie made the conscience choice to be reborn in hopes to divert his attention from trying to sacrifice himself. In doing this she also gets to test out the memoirs, which have always been thought a myth, to see if they help to speed up the awakening process. If successful it could turn years apart into mere days, and this could become a major turning point in the fight against the dark demons. Will our loving quad of white demons succeed in over throwing evil once in for all? Does Cyril forgive Arie for her deceit? Can Ana come to terms with creating an army of white demons to even the playing field? Will she find the good in the darkness, no matter how evil the person or demon may be? You all know the drill! I was really, really saddened knowing that this was the final book. I teared up at the end knowing I would never read about Ana, Athen, Arie, Cyril or even the adorable Matilda. But I know all good things must come to an end, and thus with tear filled eyes I said good-bye to these characters who I have felt were enticing, interesting, beloved, and well written. Throughout the series I’ve been a bit angered when I’ve read the views of others who have compared them to another popular paranormal book. I’d like to say that I disagree with them, and I do wonder if they actually read the stories. If you remember from my review of Awakening, I had pointed out that I was unsure about a story on fallen angels. Karice Bolton has changed much of my view with her stories alone. It’s not that I fear stories based upon religion, mythology, or any of that. I just never expected such a heart lifting story about love, compassion, and doing what is right for the greater good to come out of one trilogy based upon a race of immortals that were shut out of Heaven. The white demons do what is right, with no reward, all in the name of love. If we humans could only do so much we could make this world a much better place.