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Broods of Fenrir - Coral Moore Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: From the Author For Honest ReviewReviewer: Heather Brand, a lone wolf who turned his back on his chance to be king, is at the very heart of this story. He fights to save the female members of the brood from torture and enslavement. The old Norse wolves live in ancient times with their barbaric methods, but ever since Brand was a young pup he knew in his heart that this wasn’t right. Brand chooses to turn his back on his kind due to fear of letting the wolf take control. Could he do better than his abusive and murderous sire? Would the other Earls heed to his ideals of equal rights? He fears the answer to be no. However, he quickly finds that he is not entirely alone with his radical ideals that would alter brood life forever. But will it be enough to end the slavery, torture and murderous old ways of the Brood of Fenrir? Will Brand be able to trust his inner wolf to carry out his plans if he succeeds? The story itself is captivating and told primarily from Brand’s point of view. You’ll witness the trials and tribulations that both the human and wolf faces. While they are not human they don’t appear any different when not transformed. They also live for long periods, but are not immortal. The way of life within the brood is barbaric, where women and those whose inner wolf shows weakness, are often forced into slavery or sold off to different areas. Brand seeks to end this, but he also struggles internally to keep his own wolf at bay. He doesn’t want to hurt (or kill) anyone who doesn’t deserve it. I thoroughly enjoyed the overall story, but I would of like a little more background on the wolves themselves. How did they come to be? How are they able to live amongst mankind when they live for centuries? Apart from that I thought this book was filled with action, mystery and just the right amount of passion. The outer and inner conflicts were balanced perfectly. This is a feat in itself as there were more than usual. However, the reader never gets lost. The author, Coral Moore, wrote a great story. I hope to someday read more, and maybe the questions I had will be answered in another book. The way the story ended left it wide open for this possibility.*hint-hint*